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Center Focus Publishing

Established in August 1995, Center Focus is an independent publishing house which promotes the understanding and continuity of contemporary cultural roots, attempting to reflect and preserve the traditions and values of the Americans of Romanian origin.

In cooperation with talented and dedicated writers, editors, graphicians and publishers from various ethnic groups of United States, Center Focus Publishing has been able to produce materials such as: catalogs, inserts, newsletters, booklets, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, church and trade directories.

These images are a brief presentation of the more recognized publications for the Romanian-Americans, the latter project being of greater international awareness not only among Romanians but also among foreign relations dignitaries of many nations.

In 1995, Center Focus Publishing completed its first ethnic publication commemorating the end of the first school year of Chicago’s “Norwood Park Christian School”, the only Romanian ethnic private educational institution that replaces the public school, managed and administered by and for the Romanian-Americans. In the American tradition of yearbooks, this publication outlines the establishment and activity of the also called “Romanian Christian School” of Chicago. With hundreds of pictures and lots of articles, this book recorded many of the special moments and challenges of the first year.

In 1996, we published another yearbook for the “Romanian Christian School”. Besides the teachers' writings, this second edition yearbook, contained a number of articles signed by students, written with a spirit of thanksgiving, coupled with quality graphics and hundreds of pictures. This publication was just as effective and informative as the first in the school’s efforts to outreach in the Romanian-American community of metropolitan Chicago area.

In 1997, the school's third yearbook of memories was published. An improvement in the quality of paper as well as in the printing process turned this publication into a true black and white photo-album coupled with articles that not only expressed thanksgiving but also recognized the great accomplishments of top students, while reaching out to other Romanian-American parents in an attempt to win their participation. As a significant note we must ad the fact that the Norwood Park Christian School's students of Romanian origin have proven to be in the top at all state competitions organized through the Christian Schools' Associations both National and of Illinois, in academical subjects and art.

In 1998, Center Focus Publishing outreached once again to the Romanian-American community of Chicago promoting the “Romanian Christian School” through another superior quality published yearbook.

In 1999, an unprecedented accomplishment marked a milestone in the communication and network among the Romanian-American community. After two and a half years of extensive work, Center Focus finalized the first ever guide of the Romanian community in the United States titled “Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES™”, coupled with an Illustrated Social-Cultural Almanac. Information pertinent to the Romanian-American relations was gathered from official sources, such as: the U. S. Embassy in Bucharest, the Embassy of Romania in Washington D.C., the U.S. Department of State, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Department for Relations with Romanians Abroad of the Romanian Government. This was the first opportunity for businesses owned by Romanian-Americans to make themselves known through a resource book of this kind. Due to the fact that it was published bilingual, this book was also an instrumental source of information to different American organizations and agencies, social-cultural as well as business trade. The official launch took place in a festive event organized at the Victoria Palace in Bucharest, the headquarters of the Romanian Government, with the participation of the U.S. Ambassador to Romania, Honorable James C. Rosapepe, Romanian dignitaries and representatives from the Romanian Government.

The launching festivity of the first edition of the Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES May 13, 1999 - Victoria Palace, Bucharest

With Honorable James C. Rosapepe, U.S. Ambassador, Dep. Rev. Peter Dugulescu and Dep. Mihai Dorin members of the Romanian Parliament, in Bucharest at the launching festivity, May 13, 1999

With H.E. Prof. Dr. Emil Constantinescu (then) Romanian President, in Detroit - Michigan

Presenting the first edition of the Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES to Hon. George H. Ryan, (then) Governor of Illinois, Chicago - June 1999

In 2000, a revised and more complete edition of the Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES™ and Illustrated Social-Cultural Almanac was published. The launching of this edition was officiated in Bucharest as well, by Honorable James Rosapepe, U.S. Ambassador to Romania. With a much improved look, this edition offered two color sections, one of which illustrated the beauty of Romania through splendid color pictures of Romanian cities, landscapes and scenery. Great improvement was also seen in the number of Romanian-American businesses and organizations included in this edition.

In summer of 2002, on the occasion of the Fourth edition of Forum for the Romanian Press from Throughout organized in Bucharest, the revised edition for 2002 of the Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES™ was launched. The presentation of the book took place at the Forum within its workshops, by renowned Romanian-American journalist and writer Mircea Carp, Honorary Director of the Forum. The launching festivity took place at the Cotroceni Palace and was officiated by H. E. Ion Iliescu, President of Romania.

Presentation by Mircea Carp of the 2002 edition,
at the 4th Forum for the Romanian Press from Throughout, in Bucharest

H.E. Ion Iliescu, (then) President of Romania, cutting the ribbon and launching the distribution of the 2002 edition, during a festivity at Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest

In the spring of 2004 a new edition of the community guide has seen the light of printing. This included a chapter designated specially to promoting firms and businesses from Romania edited by the staff of Top Business newspaper, under the leadership of our good friend prof. Constantin Dumitru. This new partnership facilitated the success of the Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES™ guide in a new business environment interested in international affairs between Romania and United States.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest with General Director Lilian Zamfiroiu (center)
and the editor of Business in Romania Prof. Constantin Dumitru

May 2004 - at the Department for Romanians Everywhere of the Romanian Goverment
with (then) Secretary of State Hon. Titus Corlatean

Surely these remarkable moments of recognition of the community guide's importance are a justification for the tireless efforts of Center Focus Publishing's associates. Also, they were and will always be an incentive to continue and to rededicate ourselves to the noble goal of enriching lives, connecting people and strengthening relationships within the Romanian-American communities.


In January 2001, Center Focus Publishing ventured into another project geared to inform, promote and contribute to the unity of the Romanian American community of Illinois, through a monthly publication, Romanian IMPACT Magazine. Well written articles and select topics have insured a great success, thus opening doors for distribution outside of Illinois. Beginning with the seventh issue, the Romanian IMPACT Magazine's distribution was increased to 8,000 copies. Also, the quality of print and graphics has been upgraded to full color. The positive response from our readers has been overwhelming, encouraging us to expand our networking with and among our community. Currently, we are preparing a relaunching of IMPACT magazine with a new approach and design, expanding circulation to 10,000 copies.

Looking at the first issue of Romanian IMPACT Magazine with H.E. Mircea Geoana,
(then) Ambassador of Romania to U.S., Washinghton DC - January 2001

With H.E. Sorin Ducaru, Ambassador of Romania to United States, Chicago - 2001

In January 2002, with the occasion of the one year anniversary of IMPACT Magazine, we launched a new periodical for the Romanian community of greater Chicagoland area, a newspaper published every other week on tabloid format named Romanian Tribune. Printed today in 17,000 copies and distributed free in all social-cultural clubs, associations, churches and businesses in the Romanian community, the Romanian Tribune became the most distributed newspaper in the Midwest region of the United States.

Romanian Tribune newspaper being launched by Hon. Sever Voinescu,
(then) Consul General of Romania at Chicago - January 24th 2002

At the end of 2002, with the help of some business men of Romanian origin from Chicago metropolitan area, Center Focus Publishing opened a Romanian Library & Cultural Center in a specially designated space in the same building. On the first inventory the library had almost 3,000 books, magazines and other publications. In the fall of 2006 the new inventory showed an increase to more than 8,500 books, of which over 5,500 are published in Romanian language.

With Hon. George Predescu, Consul General of Romania at Chicago, Hon. Titus Corlatean,
(then) Secretary of State - Department for Romanians Everywhere of the Romanian Government, and Mrs. Ileana Andrei, Governmental Expert for Foreign Relations, receiving books donated for our Romanian Library & Cultural Center Niles, Illinois - December 2003

In summer 2003, Center Focus Publishing has attained another success through securing the copyright and publishing the "Directory of Ethnic & Multicultural Publishers, Distributors and Resource Organizations", under the supervision of EMIERT of the American Library Association. This edition, the 5th, is authored by the renowned research and archives expert Prof. Vladimir F. Wertsman, also an American of Romanian origin. Center Focus Publishing, like the author, wishes to develop this project so essential to the American libraries in the field of researching the life of all ethnic communities from United States.

Also in 2003, Center Focus Publishing entered in a publishing partnership with the prestigious "Top Business" newspaper from Bucharest, which is published under the leadership of Prof. Constantin Dumitru. As a result of this exceptional partnership we published the suplement "Magic Romania" in our Romanian Tribune newspaper as well as the chapter "Business in Romania" in the community guide Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES™. Our partnership has extended through the "Taste of Romania" festival in Chicago in September 2004, which was broadcasted live on five continents through the television team of TVR international.

With H.E. Traian Basescu, President of Romania and
Mircea Lubanovici editor of Romanian Times - Washington D.C. March 2005

With Governor of Illinois, Hon. Rod Blagojevich, Chicago May 2006

We are looking forward to adopt new projects and more means of communication and information for and about the Romanians living in the United States. We take pride in our Romanian heritage, and we believe that our community deserves new and better ways to interact. We aim to provide useful information for every individual and family through works that will outreach and bring together Romanian-Americans toward unity and prosperity.

Center Focus Publishing has received numerous recognitions on various occasions from American and Romanian dignitaries as well as from private organizations. We believe that all our hard work would have never been possible without God's utmost providence. Looking back at all these accomplishments we have a feeling of satisfaction while it also challenges us to continue. We are convinced that our experience accumulated will be of great help and the trust acquired can be a spring of new resources contributing to the development of relations among Romanians living in the United States.

As a testimony of thanksgiving we publish these pictures first of all to express our appreciation to all that have supported our efforts and have encouraged us in one way or another and not lastly to witness God's love and blessing, and His wonderful providence.

We thank you all for helping us come this far!
May God bless you and all the Romanian-Americans!
God Bless America and Romania!


Listed as shown from left to right.

Front row sitting:

Adelina Both - Assistant Editor
Teofil N. Gherman - Assistant Chief Editor
Alexandra Szakacs - Assistant Chief Editor
Stephanie S. Bonica - Graphics Assistant
Rebecca C. Bonica - Graphics Assistant too

Back row standing:

Mihaela Cīrdei - Marketing & P.R.
Oana L. Gherman - Marketing & P.R.
Prof. Constantin Dumitru - Top Business
(Chief Editor - Top Business - Romania)
Simona J. Bonica - Chief Editor
Andreea E. Plamada - Assistant Editor
Calin Chereches - Graphics & Pre-Press
(owner of Typographics SRL - Romania)
Teodora A. Gherman - Clerical Assistant

Center of picture:

Steven V. Bonica - Chief Editor & Gen. Mgr.

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