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Health and Social Services
Medical Offices
Barascu, Constantin M.D. (Phoenix)
Pop, Liviu M.D. (Phoenix)
Popescu, Marcel M.D. (Phoenix)
Bonta, Angela M.D. (Anaheim)
Filipescu, Moise M.D. (Glendale)
Larsson, Dan M.D. (San Francisco)
Muntean, George Jr. (Sacramento)
Zamfir, George M.D. (San Francisco)
Gheorghescu, Doru M.D. (Denver)
Stamatoiu, Daniela (Denver)
Haltzel, Michael M.D. (Washington)
Cornel Calinescu (Hallandale)
Cornel Calinescu M.D. (Hallandale)
Florescu, Maria M.D. (Miami)
Gherghina, Valentina M.D. (Boynton Beach)
Strimbu, Adriana D.P.M. (Hollywood)
Tudoran, Stela (Boca Raton)
Ayubi, Maria Ph.D. (Chicago)
Caluser, Calin M.D. (Chicago)
Campean, Mihaela Ph.D. (Chicago)
Ioan Cheregi MD (Chicago)
Chicago Chiropractic Center (Chicago)
Chicago Chiropractic Center (Chicago)
Chicago Chiropractic Center (Chicago)
Cosma, John (Naperville)
Deac, Ioana M.D. (Chicago)
Diaconescu, Eliza M.D. (Evanston)
Dumitru, Ion M.D. (Hinsdale)
Euro - American Med., S.C. (Chicago)
Euro - American Med., S.C. (Chicago)
Ana Gavrilovici (Evanston)
Ana Gavrilovici M.D. (Evanston)
Great Lakes Pain Physicians (Evanston)
Catalina Grija (Oak Park)
Catalina Grija M.D. (Oak Park)
Lazar, Sorin M.D. (Propsect Heights)
Lucaciu, Peter M.D. (Chicago)
Lucaciuc, Elisabeta M.D. (Waukegan)
Maria Medical LLC (Bollingbrook)
Maria Medical LLC (Bollingbrook)
Marian, Camelia M.D. (Niles)
Miff, Stephen M.D. (Chicago)
Cristina Olteanu (Chicago)
Papana, Tiberius M.D. (Chicago)
Pavel, Dan M.D. (Deer Park)
Petrina, Mircea M.D. (Chicago)
Pod, Ofelia M.D. (Hinsdale)
Pope, Ana M.D. (Chicago)
Popescu, Ilie M.D. (Northbrook)
Potra, Ionel M.D. (Bowlingbrook)
Sidea, Solomon M.D. (Chicago)
Stanciu, Stephen M.D. (Schaumburg)
Suciu, Eugen M.D. (Elmwood Park)
Surucci & Surucci Medical Office (Chicago)
Surucci & Surucci Medical Office (Chicago)
Surucci & Surucci Medical Office (Chicago)
Grivei, Paunel M.D. (Farmington Hills)
Singh, Steve M.D. (Ann Arbor)
Buna, Andrei M.D. (Randolph)
Nicoll, Cornelius M.D. (Montclair)
Abramovici, Bernard M.D. (New York)
Abrankian, Michael D.C. (Sunnyside)
Anghel, Daniel M.D. (East Meadow)
Anghel, Maria-Lucia M.D. (East Meadow)
Antonescu-Wolf, Dan M.D. (Bayside)
Asarian, Armand M.D. (Brooklyn)
Balaescu, Mihaela M.D. (Sunnyside)
Bedrosian, Levon M.D. (Woodside)
Caramihai, Elena M.D. (Bayside)
Carasca, Andrei M.D. (Flushing)
Cimponeriu, Dan M.D. (Rego Park)
Ciobanu, Niculae M.D. (New York)
Cioroiu, Michael M.D. (New York)
Cocioba, Serban M.D. (New York)
Cocioba, Smaranda M.D. (New York)
Coman, Mihai M.D. (New York)
Cristinoiu, Lucia M.D. (New York)
Dajdea, Lucian M.D. (Ridgewood)
David, Marian M.D. (Long Island City)
Dumitru, Angela M.D. (New York)
Ergas, Enrique M.D. (New York)
Forest Medical P.C. (Ridgewood)
Francu, Tudor M.D. (New York)
Ganea, Camelia M.D. (Sunnyside)
Ganea, George M.D. (Sunnyside)
George, Angela M.D. (New York)
Georgescu, Liviu M.D. (Rego Park)
Goldhaber, David M.D. (Long Island City)
Golimbu, Mircea M.D. (New York)
Harghel, Cristian M.D. (Bayside)
Hazarian, Agop M.D. (Long Island City)
Hazarian, Dacia M.D. (Long Island City)
Kligestein, Jefrey M.D. (Astoria)
Landau, Erika M.D. (New York)
Lucacel, Carla M.D. (Sunnyside)
Marcu, Mariana M.D. (New York)
Mihu, Ovidiu M.D. (Sunnyside)
Negrea, Bogdan M.D. (Woodside)
Nisanian, Anahnid M.D. (Amityville)
Olanescu, Andrea M.D. (Astoria)
Our Neighborhood Medical (Sunnyside)
Ousman, Bassam P.A. (New York)
Pal, Carmen-Elena M.D. (New York)
Papageorge, Adriana M.D. (New York)
Papageorge, Adriana M.D. (Astoria)
Pohar, Arianne M.D. (New York)
Raiburg, Ploina M.D. (Brooklyn)
Salamon, Tiberiu M.D. (New York)
Salas, Igor M.D. (New York)
Sangeorzan, Adrian M.D. (New York)
Napoleon Savescu (Long Island City)
Napoleon Savescu MD (Long Island City)
Schwartz-Manfield, Lana M.D. (Jackson Heights)
Singh, Rick M.D. (Astoria)
Staniloiu, Maria M.D. (Forest Hills)
Stavropoulos, Chistos M.D. (Astoria)
Stoica, Dorin M.D. (Bayside)
Strugar, John M.D. (East Haven)
Sulica, Lucian M.D. (New York)
Surla, George M.D. (Bayside)
Toma, Mirela Elena M.D. (New York)
Tulpan, Maria M.D. (New York)
Ursu, Gavril M.D. (New York)
Vladutiu-Galica, Mihaela M.D. (New York)
Yuzbashyan, Tatiana M.D. (New York)
Zaharia, Veronica M.D. (New York)
Predescu, Alexandru M.D. (Nashville)
Petrescu, Liviu M.D. (Dallas)
John Trutza (Fort Worth)
Pop, Melissa M.D. (Milwaukee)

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